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United Kingdom

We chose the Cotswolds with its quintessential English villages and scenic farm lands as our UK walk. You have a few options to choose from within this beautiful area that houses the rich and famous and is situated only an hour or so from Heathrow.




If it is a cultural experience blended with classic views you’re after, then we all know this means Italy! We have a number of walks in Italy from the Amalfi coast in the south to Lake Como in the north with the quintessentially Italian Tuscany in between.




Lake Bled stands out as that iconic picture you have seen before whenever you google Slovenia, with the beautiful church on a lone island. We love the walk around lake Bled while relishing in the timeless scenery and enjoying the many other beautiful lakes, mountains and gorges of this area.




Salzburg is famous for Mozart and the sound of music, but we love this area because of the beautiful villages that sit amongst the scenic mountains and lakes. It’s also home to the famous Hallstatt village, claimed as the most picturesque village in Europe.




Having visited this area many times, it was an easy decision to have this as our Switzerland walk. The views are breath taking and are frequently rated 11 out of 10. On some of our mountain walks through Switzerland, the steep bits can be bypassed with the local (and somewhat famous) cable cars.



Multi Walks

Here is your chance to blend together a variety of scenery, culture and villages from multiple countries in your European experience over two, three or four weeks. Pick and link the countries you want to experience with the rest of your European holiday. The more you walk the less you pay.


About Us

Inspired by a passion for travel and adventure, Wayfarer Experiences is an entirely family owned and operated business offering self guided walking tours.

Having travelled extensively with our three children, we have years of experience – from navigating rural Romania, to zip lining in the Laos jungle and just about everything in-between. Together as a family, we have explored over 20 countries by bus, train, car, campervan, boat, bicycles and mopeds. Most of this travel has occurred with very little planning. We prefer to plan less and allow the experience to occur, which often results in unexpected and memorable family moments, which always make for the very best stories!

Wayfarer Experiences has been built around this approach to travel.

We believe in the adventure and freedom travel bestows. However, we realise that the ‘plan less’ approach to travel is not for everybody. From our knowledge and experience gained over the years, we have designed our self-guided walking tours, built around a blend of well-organised accommodation, back up support and baggage management. Our tours provide basic planning, allowing you the freedom to explore and be your own guide, and experience the many joys traveling provides.
We’ve worked hard to share our family’s experiences with you through our tours and truly hope you enjoy your Wayfarer Experience.

David, Tania and Family.