Lake Como, Italy

$1,430.00 Inc GST

Tours are available from May 1 2020 – October 30 2020. Note that you can add extra walks in other countries as well.

6 days / 5 nights
$1430 AUD per person (2 – 3 people)
$1394 AUD per person (4 – 5 people)
$1358 AUD per person (6 – 8 people)



You will need a day-pack to carry all essentials such as water and sunscreen, as all of your large baggage will be transported for you, each day.

This magnificent tour includes many varied adventures. The many walks that take you along and above one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, which has been frequented by the rich and famous for hundreds of years. Stay in the small Italian villages nestled between shores and surrounding mountains, providing many panoramic views. Complete this Italian experience with a lovely walk then Ferry ride into another country – Switzerland.


Day 1 – Make your way from Milan via train to Varenna (all information is provided). Varenna, a small fishing village dates from the eleven century where you can spend the afternoon strolling the alleyways catching glimpses of breathtaking views and or take a short walk to a smaller village nearby and visit the most beautiful gardens and castle that sits above the village.

Day 2 – A lovely walk awaits us today as we walk from Varenna to Bellano with many breathtaking views. After exploring Bellano it is an easy train trip back to Varenna before we ferry our way across to Bellagio (called the pearl of lake Como).

Day 3 – Two short walks on offer today to explore the town of Bellagio but then venture further a field around its beautiful surrounds. We visit some small fishing villages and beautiful gardens. Then we ferry across to Menaggio the last of the three main Lake Como central villages.

Day 4 – We have two walks available for today, were you can choose to do one or both. They both take you to famous churches of the area with breathtaking views of this area. Spend the rest of the day with a walk along Menaggio’s beautiful promenade, which starts from the small picturesque port. Many café’s and restaurants sit within or around the main square allowing you to relax in the afternoon, just like an Italian.

Day 5 – Today we walk to Switzerland, but first we walk from Menaggio to Porlezza (Italy) along the historical train path, but we have included a lovely walk through the village of Mennagio and the surrounding forests before linking up with this track. A ferry ride from Porlezza to Lugano in the afternoon and we are in Lugano – Switzerland.

Day 6 – More time to become acquainted with Switzerland in the morning. Then you can easily utilise the train system to travel back to Milan or Como (Italy), or further into Switzerland with links to just about anywhere in Europe.