Mondsee to Hallstatt, Austria

$1,405.00 Inc GST

Tours are available from May 1 2020 – October 30 2020. Note that you can add extra walks in other countries as well.

6 days / 5 nights

$1405 AUD per person (2 – 3 people)
$1369 AUD per person (4 – 5 people)
$1344 AUD per person (6 – 8 people)



You will need a daypack to carry all essentials such as water and sunscreen, as all of your large baggage will be transported for you, each day.

The Mondsee to Strobl walk sits within the famous Salzkammergut region, which is a spectacular region of alpine and subalpine lakes, picturesque valleys and steep mountains. The region is still very much remote wilderness so you will always find isolated areas to swim or just sit at one of the lakes shores or along the walks that we have put together for your group. The soaring mountains in every direction provide diversity in our walks as well as fantastic views of this magnificent region. The villages of Mondsee, Fuschl and St Gilgen all played their part in the scenery or backdrop of the Sound of Music, testament to the beauty of this area.

Day 1 – Pick up from your Hotel in Salzburg. Your group and baggage are transported to Mondsee mid morning, allowing you a full afternoon to explore this magnificent lakeside town. Plenty of time to swim in the lake, lay in the sun or just wonder around this Austrian village. Mondsee’s famous Cathedral was part of the wedding scene between Maria and the Baron. Mondsee is also the best place to sit and enjoy some of the best apple strudel you will ever have.

Day 2 – We walk to Fuschl today, one lake to another (Mondsee to Fuschlsee) via a beautiful mountain pass after walking through some of the lushest green farming fields I have ever seen. There is the option of walking to the top of one of the mountains, for those who are a little more adventurous (add 2 hrs). However the walk does take advantage of going around the mountain, as best we can. Fuschl sits on the shores of Fuschlsee (Lake) and has a lake promenade and beach to take advantage of. Worth noting this small village is also the home to the world head quarters of Red Bull.

Day 3 – Only a short walk to St Gilgen, today (2.5/3 hrs). Plenty of time to swim in the lake, lay in the sun or just wonder around this beautiful quaint Austrian village. You can also take the Zwolferhorn (1,522 metres high) cable car and enjoy the most wonderful views of this beautiful region. You will quickly see why this region and many parts of St Gilgen were used in the filming of The Sound of Music. Worth noting – Mozart’s Mother, Anne Maria, was born in St Gilgen.

Day 4 – We have two options today. We can walk from St Gilgen to St Wolfgang (Pilgram walk) then catch a ferry (ticket provided) to Strobl or we can walk all of the way from St Gilgen to Strobl along the shore of the Wolfgangsee (Lake Wolfgang). The Ferry option provides us the time to explore the beautiful village of St Wolfgang where you can ride the Schafberg Cog Train to a view you will not believe.

Day 5 – After our second night in Strobl we walk onto Bad Ischl the centre of the Salzkammergut region and the place of choice for past Emperors and many famous artists like Johann Strauss. Access to the Katrin cable car is minutes from the centre of town.

Day 6 – Some options for us today, as well. We walk from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt, but we can decide to board a ferry (ticket included) at Steeg to complete the second part of the walk. We can also choose the train, which provides a different view of the lake and a small ferry ride at the end to get to Hallstatt. The full walk, will fill up most of the day and is along a high walking path on the opposite side Hallstattsee of the train line – not for those who are concerned by heights. Either way, you end up in Hallstatt – the most famous town in the area not only due to its historical significance (i.e the iron Age and Salt mines) but it is the most picturesque village you have ever seen.

Day 7 – More time to discover the quaint little village of Hallstatt before being picked up and driven back to your Hotel in Salzburg.