Looking for Walking Holidays of Italy?

Wayfarer Experiences offers several different walking tours through the picturesque and captivating country of Italy.


  • We are Family owned and Operated, we walk it and sort it.

  • Passion for Italy, which is why we have started our business in Italy… we plan on expanding further within Italy in the future and also into other countries in which we have traveled as a family.

  • The walks are designed to leave plenty of time to relax and enjoy the experience of culture, wine, food and people. That’s why we are not targeting long walks for hardened hikers, but rather 2.5 to 4 hour daily walks for those who have the fitness, but will leave plenty of energy to enjoy the experiences within the small towns along the way.

  • These walks place you in the countryside, for most of the walk. You don’t see or pass many people and can enjoy the scenery without the large crowds… its all about the experience at Wayfarers.
  • We have chosen accommodation that fits with the history and culture of where you are walking. Including lovely buildings that are centuries old. Some people may have limited English (and therefore place you within the culture of Italy), but don’t worry, we have the back up of some basic words to use just in case. Or if you are in a bit of trouble you have the Italian mobile phone to call our Italian support person. But, you will find with just a little effort you will have things sorted.
  • Group size is between two and eight. Each tour is available for your group, only. If you get the tour first and wish to open it up for others, then we can also do this… otherwise it’s all yours.
  • Our walking tours are safe and are checked regularly to ensure that all information provided is as current as it can be. We have designed a clear and easy way to find your way through the fields and forests that anybody can easily follow. We provide an Italian mobile phone to your group – important contact numbers are pre-programmed into the phone, including that of an Italian support person.

  • Other than being picked up and dropped off by bus, you are free to do whatever you want…All you have to do is get from one town to the next on the day, at your leisure. We provide information about the history, food, wines and culture of where you are walking.

  • As a Self Guided Tour you get the benefit of being your own group and doing what it is you want to do. e.g leave the towns each day whenever you wish (although we do recommend leaving at a time that will allow you to lunch at your next destination).

  • If something happens to impact a person or the whole group to be able to walk on any day, the van moving your bags can provide transportation to the next destination.
  • We have all the basics covered so you can focus on where to walk, talk, eat and drink.


No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your escape perfect.